Work during the pandemic

The current pandemic means I have problems taking contracts where I need to travel outside of Sweden or Denmark. I can however take on remote contracts, and most of the work I do can be made remotely, so please get in touch if you need help with Qlik Sense mashups, extensions or integration. Stuff I can help you with:

  • development of mashups and extensions
  • lower level integration using the Qlik Engine API, possibly together with other APIs
  • extension and mashup strategy: when and how to use them, what to check for in an extension or mashup
  • maintenance of extensions
  • troubleshooting and performance problems
  • validating (and fixing) extensions and mashups with new Qlik Sense versions

Recently I have helped customers and partners wityh among other things:

  • make extensions work with NPrinting (pretty common problem, I’m afraid)
  • building a generic write-back solution with extension and back-end service
  • advanced extension development
  • making sure extensions work on a mashup hosted on a web server (not Qlik)

Best way to reach me is through mail: erik at

One thought on “Work during the pandemic”

  1. Eric,
    I’m having some challenges getting dynamic images to load correctly in N-printing via Sense. I’ve tried mediabox and simple image extensions to process url’s and images in the content library. Some images print, some are blank and some are partial. Any thoughts?
    Thanks in advance,
    Randy Nienas

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