How to find out what extensions and versions are installed on your Qlik Sense server

You have been running Qlik Sense for a while in production, with multiple apps, some extensions and mashups. Or, you are just starting to work on a Qlik Sense site, where you don’t really know what has happened before. And perhaps the extensions you are using in development are missing or they seem to be of an older version. How do you find out what is on the server?

Whenever you are running Qlik Sense, whether it’s the standard built-in client or a mashup, the client will call the server to find out what extensions (including mashups) are available. This call has the format:

https://[server]/[proxy]/qrs/extension/schema (+ xrfkey in server installation)

Dump of the extension list, taken from Chrome developer console

The reply you get is in JSON format, and contains all extensions available with their id (the qext filename) plus the contents of the qext file. It’s quite readable and when you look at it in the developer console you can expand the lines you are interested in.

This will give you the extension version number, provided you keep a version number in the qext file, which of course you do.


4 thoughts on “How to find out what extensions and versions are installed on your Qlik Sense server”

  1. Hi Erik!
    Works perfectly in Qlik Sense Desktop!

    But how to get it work in Qlik Sense Server? I always get “XSRF prevention check failed. Possible XSRF discovered”.

    How do I find out about the “correct” value for the xrfkey parameter?

    1. Hi,
      The idea in the post is really to check in the browser console when working with Qlik Sense – any tool will do ( the built-in client, a mashup, dev-hub etc). If you want to do this in a program you need to set the xrfkey, doesn’t really matter to what, only it should be the same value as parameter and in the header. The callRepository method does that for you.

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