Add Sense Chrome 2.2.1 – app box moved, sheet info

A new version of my Chrome extension Add Sense is now available. If you’ve already installed an older version it should be updated automatically, if not you’ll find it here.

App box moved

Probably the first thng you will notice is that the app info box now has moved, from bottom right corner to top middle. The old placement blocked som parts of the Qlik Sense UI, hopefully the new one works better.

More sheet info

The sheet info box now has some more info, like if the sheet is published or not, and if you can modify it. One of the mistakes I’ve made most in Qlik Sense app development is that I forget publishing a sheet before publishing the app. This is a reminder to help you avoid that mistake.

Reintroducing ‘Enable copy’

A few versions ago I made a menu alternative to help you with use copy and paste in Qlik Sense. I wasn’t totally satisfied with how this worked, so in a previous version I removed the ‘Enable copy’ feature. But it seems like users used that, in ways I didn’t think of, so now it’s back again.

Property panel definition

Lastly I’ve added a small new feature: if you’re in advanced edit mode and the property panel is visible, you will be able to see it’s definition. That can help you if your property panel does not work as you expected.

One thought on “Add Sense Chrome 2.2.1 – app box moved, sheet info”

  1. Thank you Erik for this great extension. It’s a testament to how often I use the extension that I spotted (and was momentarily confused) by the App Box being at the top before this blog post even hit my inbox. Glad it is an intentional move and not just something weird happening!

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