Carlobi Quick Start released

For a while I have been working together with Ingemar Carlo on some software projects, and last week we made our products publically available in the swedish market. You will find them at

The idea behind Carlobi Quick Start is to make it easy to get started with a Qlik environment where they can analyze their own data. In 15 minutes they can get up and running with a Qlik Cloud tenant and their own financial data loaded in a Qlik Sense app.

We do this by using a swedish standard format for export from financial systems. When you sign up for a trial you will get a Qlik Sense tenant with tools for uploading this format, converting it and loading it into a Qlik Sense app, based on a template that’s also included.

While this would work for most, if not all, financial systems in the swedish market, we have made sure it works well with the largest one in the swedish market, Fortnox. We also provide Carlobi Data Extractor, a product that helps you extract data from Fortnox. This allows us to help customers build solutions targeted to their specific needs.

Lastely we have also got a package containing both products at a reduced price.

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